Fact sheet



It is a gloomy and dark night in Downtown L.A. with a monstrous killer on the loose, can the authorities prevent the slaughter, or will the hunter feed on its prey until the police shoot their own civilians...

Controls (sniper)

The light follows your mouse cursor. Watch the civilians and try to spot the imposter, then shoot him by left clicking. If you kill 3 civilians, you lose the game.

Controls (imposter)

Gamepad controls

Press X (top left) or A (bottom right) to spawn and blend in with the crowd.
Use thumbstick to move around (try not to stand out too much).
Press A next to a civilian to suck its blood and gain life, on release the civilian will die after a while.
Hold X to make a daring escape by transforming into a bat and gaining extra move speed (releasing decoy bats at the same time). If X is released, transform back into a civilian look-a-like.
Press B to act like you died (release to stand up again).
Press Y to see a small dot on the vampire (in case you lose yourself in the crowd).
Try to kill 5 civilians to win the game and avoid getting shot by the authorities, if your life reaching zero you die of thirst for blood.
Right trigger laughs deviously.

Keyboard controls

Use the arrow keys to move in the direction you want with 25% speed.
Control = 50% speed.
Shift = 75% speed.
Shift + Control = 100% speed.
Hold A = bite /spawn at point A.
Hold X = batmove/ spawn at point X.
Hold C = fake death.
Hold Z = evil laughter.